We know time is precious, but if you can spare the smallest amount to sign up for these initiatives it will make a big difference to us! 

If you shop online or book a restaurant online you can generate donations for us without it costing you a penny! Even if you are just searching the internet, every click can raise a small amount too... which in time builds up! Here's how:

Create Donations By Shopping

Create regular small donations with your weekly or monthly grocery shop online. (The retailer pays the contribution)

In fact anything that you buy - if you buy it online - can generate much needed income for BIRD with no cost to you: Christmas and birthday presents, kitchenware, gardenware, clothing; If you book a holiday or even simply get a quote for your car and house insurance it can generate donations from the retailer to BIRD.

Simply click here. Sign Up. Download the reminder tool and start shopping!

Step by Step Guide

How to sign up to Give as you Live as a supporter of BIRD:

Before you start make sure you are using your favourite browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc)

  1. Visit www.giveasyoulive.com/join/bird  Then click 'sign up as a shopper':
  2. Fill in the form and then click sign up for free
  3. A box will then appear and offer to show you how it works. You can take the tour or skip. Skip.
  4. A window will appear and suggest you click to download the shopping reminder. Click to download:
  5. Now you can shop. So for example search for Debenhams in your web browser and it will come up with the Give As You Live logo so you will know that this is a retailer that will donate.

When you click through to the retailer the shopping bar reminder will be along the top. If the button is red then it is turned off so all you need to do is turn it on and sign in

Now.. .Just shop as you normally would and a % of your spend will be turned into a donation for BIRD!

Create Donations By Simply Surfing

The above also provides a search service which raises money for each click when you search online but the amount is very small (0.01p per search). We have chosen instead Savoo who use Bing as their search engine (more powerful) and also raises a whole 1p for every unique search online, (you can actually see the pennies clocking-up!) which if you think how often you search. is not insignificant! They also have an amazing discount shopping voucher element too, which also raises donations for us... so if you love a bargain... it's definitely for you! Please do sign up here

Create Donations By Booking A Restaurant or Hotel!

If you are planing an evening out, £1 for every diner will be donated by the establishment to BIRD if you book through ChariTable. They have now extended their offer to include many hundreds of hotels around the world where bookings raise money for BIRD. Book dinner or your break on This website!