Starting a charity is, as you might imagine, a lot of hard work; it's a laborious and bureaucratic process. As it happens, once it's up and running... it's still hard work and administratively onerous! Naturally it is the activity and purpose of the charity that keeps you going. That is what these stories are about; the little moments that come up - pleasingly often actually - that encourage me; that make all the administration and the relentless organising and arranging worthwhile.

I get excited when we start with a new artist, it is a rare and privileged opportunity to spend real, quality time, with a young person who is with us specifically to be creative; to express themselves, to give voice to their feelings and share their experience. Of course this doesn't happen straight away; investment is needed, the creation of a safe space for them is required; a space that allows them to come and share their ideas without inhibition or self consciousness.

So you can imagine my glee when one particular artist engaging in our songwriting and recording sessions felt able to come in to the studio relatively soon after starting with BIRD and say, 'I've got a bit of a crazy idea, it's very different from what I have been doing but I want to explore it... and I don't want you to judge me!'

Of course I was totally up for it, this is exactly the sort of thing I hope for, for our sessions. I threw myself into the process as fervently and with as much conviction as if it was my idea and not only that... but one of my very best ideas!

As it happens we had a really fun session, we really explored the idea with great relish, finding an appropriately clubby sounding track in the BIRD library of original tracks and playing around with vocal ideas, down tuning them and warping them beyond recognition... It was so. Much. Fun! By the end of the session we had a more or less completed representation of the original idea and it sounded ok... it wasn't something that our young artists was probably going to use, as it turned out... but it served to scratch the itch. To explore the idea was what we had set out to do.

The thing that really encouraged me though happened some way into the session. As the artists was in the vocal booth, whole heartedly trying out their 'crazy' idea laying down a vocal with as much conviction as ever, they paused and turned to me and said.. 'You know what, I don't feel judged at all'...

'That... that there..' I said to myself 'If nothing else, is the whole point of this session.'