We need your help! We are taking the next step in our development... Our very own studio!

IN 21 days  the end of last year we raised  nearly half of the total we need, through our crowdfunding campaign, we still need the rest!

Our own space will allow us to exponentially increase the number of one-to-one songwriting and recording sessions we can run and gives us the freedom to set our own timetable, but also when necessary, be totally spontaneous and flexible to fit the needs of our young artists.         

In order to do this we are raising money for a pre-fabricated modular studio solution  (as used by The Royal College Of Music). This space will have a vocal booth and be acoustically treated for mixing and recording. Also, very importantly, it reduces sound escaping (and getting in) by as much as 70db! Essential in a residential but noisy London environment.             

The benefit of this solution is that our investment is long term. Being a modular solution, if and when we were to have to move on from our location on York Way we could take the studio to new premises, something we would not be able to do if we invested in physical building works to adapt a specific space. It also gives us a known and fixed  price for our business plan for scaling up, as we increase the number of BIRD studios in the future.


In addition to this we will be kitting it out with high quality audiophile recording equipment. The reasons for this are two fold: 1) We want our artists to have the opportunity to have their music recorded to the standard it deserves and experience music as it is meant to be experienced (rather than through a smartphone speaker!) 2) Another benefit of our own space means we can occasionally rent it commercially in its down time, creating a valuable source of income for BIRD; the better quality the studio the easier this will be.