The Four Tenets of BIRD.

The four bedrock tenets of BIRD are an important part of our vision to see 'fully realised lives' and they also determine:

i) How we approach and engage the Artist, and what we hope to demonstrate and communicate to them.

ii) The way we operate individually and run our organisation

iii) The concepts that, wherever possible, we explore through the creative process; stimulating thought, personal growth and inspiring creative output.

They form the core values by which we are established, and it is our intention that they serve to determine our behaviour and our approach to our work; not as obligation but as inspiration:


To accept, that we have a 'brilliance', a radiance, a light unique to us; some spark of the divine. To acknowledge our brilliance and to nurture it by doing the positive work on ourselves that will allows us to bring it to our everyday lives and that will allow us to uniquely contribute what only we can bring. For our first impulse to be to look for the same brilliance in each other and those we work with. To know that someone else brilliance does not diminish our own, to encourage it, to nurture it, and to celebrate it.


To operate beyond reproach in all that we do. To demonstrate integrity, and to encourage it in each other, by eagerly anticipating its effect on ourselves, the decisions we make and the impact it has on all around us.


In all things to put the relationships first. To resist our own desire to be 'right'. To listen and empathise, to be prepared to internally ask ourselves the hard questions rather than point the finger at someone else. To consistently take responsibility for our actions and our words and the effect they have on ourselves and those around us. Above all things, to nurture and be ready to surrender to, the impulses of genuine Love.


To delight in each other. To be ready to receive ourselves as delightful. To delight in our work and the details of the day.

'The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.' (Julia Cameron - The Artist's Way)

What are the benefits of exploring BIRD's tenets?