Savoo are a corporate partner of ours; their customers use the site to shop discounted products and donate to their favourite cause as they do so. This year they’re expanding their business giving offering, allowing corporate partners to save money on usual orders for the office - whilst increasing charity donations  - A genuine ‘win-win’ scenario!

We need corporate partners to use Savoo and select BIRD as their chosen charity. We will then get small donations every time the business uses Savoo - which soon adds up! You can get discounts on everything from office supplies to travel to food orders for the team.

 Also by adopting their browser in the office your staff can generate 1p for BIRD for every unique search on the internet too! brilliant!

Aside from the business saving money, your staff can also take advantage of the platform and save money over the (dare I say it…) busy Christmas shopping period.

Theres a document you can look at here Business_Giving_.pdf

Please get in touch with me and i will introduce you to my contact Savoo to explain the sign up process.

Thank you so much!