BIRD is a registered charity and is funded purely by grants and donations. 

If you would like to contribute you can of course make one off donations which we are hugely grateful for... however small, your gift makes a difference! Thank you!

The very best way to support BIRD, however, is by giving a regular monthly amount. BIRD is still a small charity, we have survived our first four years largely on the generosity of people like you - individuals who really 'get' what we are doing - because you either know for yourself the benefit of creativity to our lives; you've experienced the benefit of an older wiser mentor showing you support and encouragement in your youth, or simply because you have read enough about the shocking statistics around the wellbeing and mental health of the UK's youth, and want to make a difference.

Up until now we have had limited to no success with the big funding organisations. There are many challenges for us where they are concerned: Our model is about quality over quantity in an environment where a perceived 'bang for you buck' is paramount. We do not run on a short term 'project' model, with a clear 'start' and 'finish' date, which many funders prefer. Our size and our relative 'newness' are also a stumbling block for many of these organisations, preferring to fund charities that can demonstrate an established turnover or income streams generated by assets. 

We have tried to start addressing this third issue by establishing a commercial partner called Wingspan Group Ltd, who put on events which act as fundraisers and also as a progression route for some of our young artists  - a first chance to perform and make a small amount from their art (Ticket sales are split between acts and BIRD). This however, whilst a brilliant initiative, is not enough by itself.

Increasing our monthly income will not only help us thrive, it will also satisfy the big funding organisations that we are sustainable and that funding BIRD will be a good use of their grants. 

So if you would like to give monthly, donate in the knowledge that your monthly donation will attract more donations!

Skip one coffee a week… and donate it to BIRD thats £10 a month! Skip the pastry too and give £20!

You can donate here

Thank you to everyone who donates to us we could not do it without your generosity!

Also huge thanks to all the organisations and bodies that have generously supported us!

SeedBed, The Beatrice Hankey Foundation, The Mercers Company, Cripplegate Foundation, South Square Trust, William Wates Memorial Trust

Who runs BIRD?