John is 20 years old from Tower Hamlets.

John is a very talented and prolific songwriter and performer. Telling stories from the east-end, John's writing is in turn smart, dark, gritty and wry.

BIRD met John at an XLP showcase in Islington before we were registered, where we approached him and told him what we were going to be doing as soon as we could get it up and running. John Says 'Everyone just chats a lot in the industry, so i was just like, yeah this is great but didn't expect you to email back; and then, like, i didn't hear nothing back for a year but then a year later i got an email from you saying lets get in the studio and I thought that was like the maddest thing!' 

You can here a ten minute package we did for the Arts Emergency's Podcast (ep.18) featuring an interview with John here (we are at 37:14)

BIRD exists to build mentoring relationships with, and to develop artists like John, both artistically and personally whilst helping to improve and sustain wellbeing.  If you enjoy the music, and would like to support the work we do you can donate here...  there are also many other ways to support us that cost nothing here

Nice Shoes

East End Anthem

House Party

Without You (Explicit Lyric)

Get Me Now

I Need You (Explicit Lyrics)

Come My Way