Josh is 18 and he lives in Lewisham.

Josh is proud and forthright about his absolute love of 90's pop music and has definitely got the knack for big melodies and harmonies reminiscent of its finest moments - as demonstrated on his first track from our sessions: Remedy.

Travelling up from Lewisham to Islington for his session demonstrates both his enthusiasm and energy and his commitment to music making. His enjoyment of our session is totally infectious, and is match only by his mentor's enjoyment of Josh's smooth soulful tone and the positive vibes he brings! Expect many an infectious tune on this page!

BIRD exists to build mentoring relationships with, and to develop artists like Josh, both artistically and personally whilst helping to improve and sustain wellbeing.  If you enjoy the music, and would like to support the work we do you can donate here...  there are also many other ways to support us that cost nothing here

You Make Me Crazy

Love Tape

Fade Away