Kadie is 16 from Camden.

At 16 Kadie is one of our youngest BIRD artists; with an original flow, quick spitting Kadie is an insightful, honest and interesting lyricist. His first two tracks with BIRD are a nod to his taste for the old school! Hearfelt stories from his (even) younger days to statements of ambition and determination characterise Kadie's lyrical style and content. He has a great singing voice too with a lovely 'soul-y' tone. He also makes beats and tracks on Logic X.

BIRD exists to build mentoring relationships with, and to develop artists like Kadie, both artistically and personally whilst helping to improve and sustain wellbeing.  If you enjoy the music, and would like to support the work we do you can donate here...  there are also many other ways to support us that cost nothing here

I Can't Wait (Explicit Lyrics)

(Sample from All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls)

Make It (explicit lyrics)