Lillie-Jo is 19 from Islington.

Soulful singer Lillie-Jo is an honest and creative songwriter with bucket loads of heart and ability; she has the rare courage and talent to sit down in the studio with her mentor/producer and write a lyric right there and then. Her infectious energy and humour can belie the fact that she is a songwriter of great sensitivity and thoughtfulness. The happy coexistence of these differing sides of her is nowhere better summed up than in her recent lyric for I Am Me... 'Sometimes I'm a bottle of vodka, sometimes i’m a cup of tea’!

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(All our cover versions backing tracks are downloaded from and used by kind permission of Tency Licensing)

Jingle Bell Rock

Winter Wonderland

Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt cover)

Baby Its Cold Outside (ft Terry Mannix) - (Dean Martin Cover)

I Am Me

Love Letter

I'd Rather Go Blind