Mo is 21 Sana 24 both from Islington

Mo and Sana always bring the summer! Two of BIRD's older artist who choose to continue the work they do together outside of BIRD in their sessions with BIRD

Mo's positive energy and lust for life is evident on the mic; he is a quick witted and articulate rhymer. Mo has been working with Sana writing and jamming down at the nearby CYP in islington. Sana is a beautifully distinctive singer; a rare and valuable thing in a sound-a-likey world! The combination of Mo's joyful rhymes and Sana's original unique vibrato and tone makes their partnership a rare thing inside and outside the BIRD studio.

BIRD exists to build mentoring relationships with, and to develop artists like Mo and Sana, both artistically and personally whilst helping to improve and sustain wellbeing.  If you enjoy the music, and would like to support the work we do you can donate here...  there are also many other ways to support us that cost nothing here

Mamma What We Gonna Do