Our creative session are one-to-one.

They are one-to-one because of the nature of relationship that this co-creating allows to develop and because of the attention it allows us to give to the individual artist's process. We take a lot of care to create an atmosphere that is conducive to our artists being able to relax and be themselves and where they are free to try their creative ideas without judgement or censorship.

Each session is two to three hours long and every one to two weeks.  As an example, sessions in our songwriting and recording stream could have the artist come in and record a cover version; record guitar and vocal for their own original composition; write and record to a pre-recorded original backing track provided by BIRD or even sit and write with their mentor/producer there and then. We may use one of our four ‘tenets’ as inspiration for a lyric - like ‘Brilliance’ for instance, in the song I Am Me by BIRD artists Lillie -Jo

Each session is lead by what the young artist wants to achieve and by the way the artists wants to work.

This model of mentoring is built around simply to spend ‘task-focused time’ with our young artists i.e. time working together on something that they love... this offers an opportunity to spend time with them that otherwise we would never be privileged to. Of course it is the creative process that we spend our time engaged in and that in itself is a unique and special opportunity through which to build relationship. (read more here)

We have measures in place to ascertain the impact of our sessions. Our measures take the form of three established and proven short form questionnaires that measure changes over time in well-being, self-esteem and interpersonal functioning. You can see examples of these questionnaires here: well-being, self-esteem and interpersonal functioning.

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