Our Team:

Neil Phillimore -  Founding Director of BIRD.

Neil is a songwriter and producer and has a sound engineering diploma. He was born in Stoke Newington in the borough of Hackney and currently lives in Islington. BIRD combines his passion for the well-being of our young people and the value of creativity and its transformative power.  Neil is also one of BIRD's Mentors; songwriting and recording with BIRD artists in our studio. He has been a songwriter for many years and had his music used commercially and worked with Producer Paul Pilot engineering music used in the Oscar nominated film An Education 

Elizabeth Ashley-Durham - Trustee

Elizabeth Ashley (E.A.) Durham lives in Cambridge and works in the pharmaceutical industry.  In previous lives, she worked for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on polio eradication and in the field of strategy consulting.

Brendon Harding - Trustee

Brendon has been involved in the music studio industry for over 10 years - as an engineer, producer and studio manager. After 8 years at Red Bull Studios in London he is now running Strongroom Studios in shoreditch and has been a trustee of BIRD since the end of 2018.

Michael Stuart - Trustee

Michael works in a compliance role within the financial services industry, keeping an eye on Fund Managers looking after your savings and pensions. He enjoys going to gigs and music festivals and, on Monday evenings, helps lead a youth club in Highbury.