Our Team:

Neil Phillimore -  Founding Director of BIRD.

Neil is a songwriter and producer and has a sound engineering diploma. He was born in Stoke Newington in the borough of Hackney and currently lives in Islington. BIRD combines his passion for the well-being of our young people and the value of creativity and its transformative power.  Neil is also one of BIRD's Mentors; songwriting and recording with BIRD artists in our studio. He has been a songwriter for many years and had his music used commercially and worked with Producer Paul Pilot engineering music used in the Oscar nominated film An Education 

Stephen Richards - Chairman

Stephen lives in North London and is passionate about how we build urban communities. By day he is a solicitor dealing with disputes about wills and those who are no longer able to look after their affairs due to loss of capacity.

Kath Coskshaw - Trustee

Kath Cockshaw has worked in visual arts all her life. She is currently Head of Museums and Arts for Waltham Forest. Kath is a highly experienced fundraiser, and has produced over 50 exhibitions and several publications, including a recent book about Banksy's Dismaland. She is passionate about arts education for young people, access to the arts, and the impact of arts on our communities, and our health and well being.

Elizabeth-Ashley Durham - Trustee

Bio and picture coming soon.