Our Team:

Neil Phillimore -  Founding Director of BIRD.

Neil is a songwriter and producer and has a sound engineering diploma. He was born in Stoke Newington in the borough of Hackney and currently lives in Islington. BIRD combines his passion for the well-being of our young people and the value of creativity and its transformative power.  Neil is also one of BIRD's Mentors; songwriting and recording with BIRD artists in our studio. He has been a songwriter for many years and had his music used commercially and worked with Producer Paul Pilot engineering music used in the Oscar nominated film An Education 

Stephen Richards - Trustee

Stephen lives in North London and is passionate about how we build urban communities. By day he is a solicitor dealing with disputes about wills and those who are no longer able to look after their affairs due to loss of capacity.

Sarah Barron - Trustee

Sarah is an actor and singer, committed to how the creative process can change lives. She was formerly a solicitor and management consultant for the NHS. A former resident of North London, Sarah now lives in Edinburgh but still considers Islington her 'other home'.

Kath Cockshaw - Trustee

Details coming soon