If you would like to partner with BIRD in some way we would be delighted to discuss it with you. We are nimble and relational so we are keen to connect and quick to act where there seems to be ‘life’ in a connection or idea!

Arts Organisations:

We are very excited by the possibility of working with other arts organisations who would be interested to develop projects or create performance pieces inspired by the exploration and interpretation of our concepts of Brilliance, Integrity, Relationship and Delight.

Landlords/Property owners:

Wherever you are in the UK we are always on the look out for cheap or better still donated spaces: dance studios, theatrical spaces or permanent space to set up a recording facilities.  Please do get in touch

Manufactures of recording equipment or Instruments:

If you are a manufacturer of musical instruments or recording equipment and would like to donate equipment to our cause or are interested in a sponsorship agreement then we would be very grateful to hear from you

Music Producers, Actors, Filmmakers, Comedians, Dancers and Photographers:

If you are an established ‘creative’ and you are inspired by what we are doing (and don't have time to become a mentor!) we would greatly benefit from something as simple as an endorsement or better still your patronage! We’d be thrilled to hear from you.


If you are an educational institution, youth organisation or work with young offenders or those at risk of offending, and you can identify individuals that you think would enjoy and benefit from our mentoring sessions, in whom a creative talent intersects with personal difficulty or hardship, please do get in touch.