• To reclaim please email Neil Phillimore at [email protected] within 3 months of 16/06/20. We have a record of your donation.
  • If you are happy for BIRD to divert your donation towards supporting BIRD’s operational costs in this difficult period, please download the disclaimer BIRD_-_Disclaimer.pdf and email it to Neil Phillimore, BIRD Founding Director [email protected] within 3 months of 16/06/20. We are very grateful for this thank you!

We ran a Crowdfunding campaign back in 2017. Our goal was to raise money for a prefabricated studio unit that we could insert into a space we’d been offered.
Unfortunately after the campaign the offer of a space was withdrawn, or at least changed to the extent that it was no longer a financially viable option. Further to that, we were unable to find an alternative option or to raise the rest of what we needed for that studio unit.
Thank you to everyone who donated! As it turns out though, with the crowdfunder we have inadvertently created a ‘restricted’ amount which we have been legally unable to use for anything else other than it’s ‘stated purpose’. This amount is the money that was simply ‘donated’ rather than the amount we collected from the rewards we offered.
Please If you donated (for no reward) we need your help to handle this correctly as advised by the Charity Commission. We are so sorry for the inconvenience of this.
You can reclaim your donation OR you can allow us to repurpose it. Either way we need to hear from you within three months of today 16/06/20!
Please follow simple instructions above. Thank you so much and apologies for the inconvenience once again.