We believe that true, meaningful creativity requires an authenticity and a willingness to explore one's own feelings and experiences and express them in ways that are honest.

Working closely with young adults then, in this often powerfully self-reflective creative process, provides a tremendously effective, organic way of developing relationship with them. It is only through this relationship that we are invited to contribute to their lives. It is the relationship that bestows the role of Mentor.

To be courageous enough to honestly share our experiences and communicate our authentic self to the world, is the most generous thing we can do. As well as being cathartic for us and improving our own wellbeing it can encourage others, embolden others, comfort others and let others know they are not alone. This in turn connects us to the world around us and we believe that authentic connection is the very thing that we are all made for.

Application to a chosen creative process is a discipline and also develops important skills and attitudes for life: concentration, hard work, determination, patience, collaboration, and in some scenarios - taking direction and hearing constructive criticism etc.

It is our aim that each young artist will work with us for a minimum period of 24 weeks. In that time each of them will achieve a portfolio of work they can be proud of.

24 weeks is the minimum amount of time we feel it takes to build a genuine relationship. 24 weeks is also the optimum amount of time for the measures that we have in place to ascertain the impact of our sessions. Our measures take the form of three established and proven short form questionnaires that measure changes in well-being, self-esteem and interpersonal functioning. You can see examples of these questionnaires here: Well-Being Self-Esteem.  Interpersonal Functioning 

How do we identify our young artists?