Volunteering with BIRD is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference by engaging with 16-25 year olds who would not otherwise get this opportunity. To build relationships whereby you can support, encourage and enable them.  Equally you will find yourself inspired and encouraged by the creativity and positive energy of our sessions. 

Music Mentors

From our inception BIRD has engaged in the songwriting and recording process as the vehicle through which we build mentoring relationships and improve and sustain the wellbeing of our young artists. The number of our young artists is increasing quickly so we are keen to hear from you if you are 27 or older, and have a combination of technical recording skills, production skills and songwriting skills. Most important though is the maturity and the relational skills to build supportive mentoring relationships. If you think this is you and can commit to at last one 2.5 hour session a week please get in touch (see here for the answers to some possible questions you may have)

Other Creative Mentors

Again, from our inception it has always been part of the BIRD vision to utilise as many different creative processes as possible as the vehicle to build mentoring relationships and to improve and sustain the wellbeing of 16-25 year olds. You will see in our main menu a few of the arts we would like to be able to engage young people in such as filmmaking, acting, creative writing, stand up comedy and dance.. we'd also like to include fine arts, photography, street art etc. If you have any creative skill and have a vision for how it could be used within our one-to-one model,   and you can commit to at least one 2.5 hour session a week please get in touch (see here for the answers to some possible questions you may have)

Further Volunteering opportunities

When an artist is under 18 we require a 'safe presence' volunteer .

We call our volunteers 'safe presence' as that is what you need to be. Creativity is a 'vulnerable' act, and any individual in on that process needs to be sensitive and 'safe' in order to create an atmosphere that encourages true honest reflection and authentic performance.

If you feel that you are able to remain self-contained; to be a quiet, still, 'safe' presence (and to occupy yourself quietly) in order to allow our young artists to thrive in their relationship with the mentor, we would love to hear from you. We are especially interested in hearing from women and people who are available during the daytime.

Read about the process you'll be involved with here