We work with 16-25 year olds who may not otherwise have access to opportunities that allow them to explore and develop their creative skills.

Of course wellbeing has no regard of any of the ways we may define ourselves, or get defined by society, It is our genuine belief that any 16-25 year old will benefit from, developing their creative skills or creatively exploring the four tenets of BIRD , and to that end no one is excluded.

However in order to make sure that we are working with those that will most benefit, all BIRD's artists come via referral. Either via partnering organisations or from the young artists that we already work with.

We are currently working with young people from the London boroughs of Islington, Camden, Tower Hamlets, Croydon and Peckham.

We work hard to build and sustain relationships with referring parters. They include:  XLP, CYP, Urban Hope, Small Green Shoots, Music Potential , Mary's

BIRD is always on the look out for new referring partners, not only in London but around the UK. If you work for a youth organisation or educational establishment and are engaged with a young person that you think would enjoy and benefit from our one-to-one creative sessions please do get in touch! 

Young adults have to contend with so much stimuli, particularly now in the digital age, the accumulation of which can have an eroding effect on their well-being and sense of self and safety and also desensitise and 'dehumanise' them to varying degrees: the proliferation of porn online (including revenge porn), sexting, cyber-bullying, realistic and brutal video games, and a culture generally that is obsessed with, self, wealth, materialism, celebrity, gossip and 'opinion'. The tenets of BIRD are designed to be the antidote to that dehumanisation, the loud cacophony in our culture (particularly popular culture where so many young adults are engaged) of greed, selfishness, narcissism, gossip, violence and misogyny. Our motivation is to see people become the best version of themselves... to be re-humanised!

'There is a growing recognition that the years between the ages of 16 and 24 are a distinct time of young people’s lives, when they are expected to make a number of transitions including from education to work, and from living as a dependant in a home environment to independent living in an environment created by themselves. For those with multiple needs, these transitions may be complicated by mental health problems, becoming a parent, substance misuse or involvement in the criminal justice system. They also make transitions across a range of services and may be ‘transferred’ from children’s health, social care and/or criminal justice services to adult equivalents. These transitions are complex and inconsistent. At this age, young people are no longer children, but have not yet reached adult maturity in terms of independence, experience and ability to live without support and guidance, and brain development and emotional functioning. Without specialist support, young people making these transitions between services often ‘fall between’ children’s and adult services, with neither being appropriate or accessible. The absence of such support increases vulnerability and heightens the risk of involvement with the criminal justice system, homelessness or unstable housing and mental health problems. Alongside this the personal costs to individuals of unfulfilled potential and the financial costs to society are also increased. ' - Revolving Door Agency- Transition To Adulthood, A Good Practice Guide

What are the benefits of exploring BIRD's tenets?