Yash is 17 years old and lives in Brent.

One of a number of our artists introduced to us through our contact with the RSBC in 2017, Yash is visually impaired. However this is less defining of him than his burgeoning talent... A young songwriter developing his craft Yash has a natural ability to come up with memorable melodies, and his songs to date span various genres. The more he records with us the stronger his distinctive and soulful voice is getting. His vocal tone and style has a certain yearning quality, which only serves his poignant, personal lyrics.

As demonstrated in his first song Benevolence, Yash can rap and sing, he makes his own beats on his iPad and is learning the guitar. 

BIRD exists to build mentoring relationships with, and to develop artists like Yash, both artistically and personally whilst helping to improve and sustain wellbeing.  If you enjoy the music, and would like to support the work we do you can donate here...  there are also many other ways to support us that cost nothing here

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